About Us

Become part of our amazing community.

Our unique events help generate brand awareness, promote products or services, and engage with customers in a different way.


My name is Christine Ierardi, and I am the proud founder of Sip Shop Socialize.

It all started when I opened my online boutique and I was looking for placed to meet new clients in person.  I soon realized the events I wanted did not exist.    I wanted to establish a space where business owners could meet their ideal clients in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.  In 2018, I launched a few test events with friends of mine that were also businesses owners.  It was evident the need was there and in 2019, we publicly launched our first pop up shop. 

At Sip Shop Socialize, we believe in the power of building meaningful relationships and supporting the growth of local businesses. Our primary goal is to bring the community together by organizing a range of events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale plaza celebrations. We strive to create unforgettable experiences that not only connect individuals but also highlight the incredible offerings of our local business owners.

Our team is passionate about coordinating grand openings, curating unique shopping experiences, and everything in between. We understand that local businesses are the heartbeat of our community, and we prioritize their success. 

Our sister company Christine Marie Events specializes in nonprofit, corporate and small business events.